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Our Services Include Quality Fertilizer In Lexington, Mansfield, & More!

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We often say proudly that our top product is advice. Our team always leans on our experience, the expertise of our industry expert partnerships, and all our resources. So, this allows us to find the right answers to your questions, every time. From helping you start your own chicken brood to identifying the mystery weeds growing in your yard. We can also help you when trying to figure out what fertilizer in Lexington, Ohio you need! No matter the question, you’ll never hear us end a conversation with “I don’t know.”


Also, Elzy Mills offers several delivery options. Bagged items including Elzy-brand feeds from the feed mills, Kalmbach feeds, pet foods, fertilizer in Lexington, Ohio, and more are delivered in a covered box truck to ensure weather protection and product integrity, right in Ohio. Bulk feed batches can be delivered in a custom bulk truck, capable of delivering up to 10 tons of Elzy-brand product at a time. So, our high-quality fertilizer is truly the best in Lexington, Ohio. With an extendable auger, we have the capability of transferring horse feed, cattle feed, shelled corn, crimped oats, and more into a variety of bulk tank configurations.


Dock orders are available. For those customers in a pinch, we can take orders and payment for any of our products over the phone. Then, we’ll leave your order on our loading dock and you can pick it up at your convenience!


With seven buildings on a two-block campus, all full of products, we know trying to figure things out on your own can be confusing. So, that’s just one of the reasons we’re happy to load your vehicle for you!  Come on into the main store and when you are done shopping, we’ll direct you where to pick up your items and even have a friendly Elzy team member waiting to transfer them to your car.  It’s that easy! So, come visit our mill's supply store in Ohio for a unique experience.


Also, we offer gift certificates and special ordering!

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