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Our Services Include Quality Fertilizer In Lexington, Mansfield, & More!

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Elzy milling loading dock for Fertilizer in Lexington Ohio
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Superior Milling Services and Mills Supply in Ohio: Expertise, Quality Fertilizers, and More!

Experience the gold standard in quality and expertise at Elzy Milling & Trade - Ohio's leading mills supply company. As a hub of milling services, we comprehend the intricacies of agriculture and strive to respond effectively to all your questions, turning challenges into bountiful results.

Expert Guidance on Diverse Agricultural Issues

Whether you require assistance in initiating your chicken brood, identifying unfamiliar weeds sprouting in your yard, or selecting the ideal fertilizer for your land, our experienced team stands ready to guide you. With Elzy Milling & Trade, you are never met with uncertainty - only well-informed analysis and solutions rooted in experience.

Dependable Fertilizer Delivery Services in Ohio

Our dedication to convenience and product integrity motivates us to present an array of delivery options customized to meet your varied needs. Our selection of bagged commodities includes Elzy-brand feeds, Kalmbach feeds, various pet foods, and top-quality fertilizers in Ohio. These products are transported in weather-resistant box trucks, ensuring exceptional product quality.

Custom Bulk Truck for Large Orders

For those substantial orders, our custom bulk truck serves as a steadfast ally. With a transport capacity of up to 10 tons of Elzy-brand products, the truck features an extendable auger, facilitating a hassle-free transfer of a diverse range of items, such as horse feed, cattle feed, shelled corn, crimped oats, and more into multiple bulk tank setups.

Personalized Loading Assistance for Effortless Shopping

Navigating our vast seven-building, two-block campus may appear challenging at first glance. However, our commitment to streamlining your shopping experience is unwavering, which is why we are thrilled to provide personalized loading assistance. Shop at our main store, follow instructions to the pick-up spot, and find an Elzy Milling team member prepared to help load your items.

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