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Fertilizer Ohio

Gardening has always been a way to connect with the Earth and create something out of nothing. This process is calming for many, and we would love to help you get started. Let us at Elzy Milling join you in creating a beautiful garden! Whenever you decide to come in, be sure to ask us about our fertilizer and other gardening supplies in Ohio.

Quality Fertilizer In Ohio, And Seed In Mount Vernon, Ohio

Fertilizer in Ohio is one of the many specialty items we have for sale. If you're in the surrounding areas like Ontario, Mansfield, or Lexington, then you're in luck! We have several different brands of fertilizer for your gardening or farming needs!

Maybe you’re an experienced gardener, maybe you could only get a green thumb if you dipped your hand in paint! Either way, Elzy Milling & Trade, near Mount Vernon, Ohio, has what your garden needs! We have everything from seed packets and certain bulk items to fertilizers, Nutrilite, soil conditioners, and more. We carry chemicals to combat weeds and blight, and if you prefer a more natural approach to weedkilling, a variety of organic solutions.  

While you’re here at Elzy Milling gearing up and getting ready for your fresh veggies, don’t forget to get the supplies to freshen up the rest of your yard as well.  Wildflower seeds, grass seed mixtures, unique décor, and more are all in stock!

Perfect Supplies And Fertilizer In Ohio For Beginners

While gardening can be a long and arduous process, we here at Elzy Milling, located on a historic Ohio site, are happy to help those who might need a little help along the way! Our selection of gardening supplies is perfect for beginning gardeners, as well as those who are more experienced. We also offer a great variety of seeds in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Choose what you would like to plant, get the seeds needed, as well as the fertilizer, and more. No matter what level of gardening you are at, you can come into Elzy Milling and know that you will be happy with the results! Each and every item we stock is sure to increase your gardening skills.

farmer hands take care and protect young little sprout plant in the soil ground Fertilizer Ohio