Feed Solutions

No Matter The Situation, We Have The Feed Solutions You Need!

Understanding what a customer needs for their feed solutions is something many companies forget to do, but not us at Elzy Milling! When you get our feed in Mount Vernon, you know you are getting what you asked for. And that is a high-quality feed that leaves not only your animals happy, but you too!

Our feed is always chosen based on its first-rate qualities. Do they have the proper fiber or nutrients? Do they taste good to the animal? All these questions and more are asked by us in order to present you with only the best. Our specially-made feed is sure to offer your animals all the nutrients and protein needed to keep them happy and healthy.

feed bags

With some big feed stores, you are buying subpar products. Quickly made and mass-produced. This can lead to a less happy animal population. Luckily, with Elzy Milling, you can get products and feed that we would buy! So, understand that you are getting high-quality feed solutions that will make not only your animals happy but you too!

stack of yellow bag in the warehouse


We’re proud to offer specially formulated Elzy-brand feed solutions and options that are made fresh daily near Mount Vernon, Ohio!  With our fresh feed, you can rest easy knowing that your animals will be happy. You can purchase them in bagged or bulk forms. Meaning that no matter what animals you need to feed, we have a size for you! Elzy Milling & Trade also makes delivery options available to our wonderful customers. Having been in business for over a decade, we understand customer needs! You can rest easy knowing that we at Elzy Milling will be able to help you!

If your livestock has special dietary needs, we are more than happy to create custom feed orders. Additionally, we offer pre-bagged and specialty options from the top manufacturers, such as Kalmbach Feeds. No matter what it is you need, know that we have it and can provide it to you!

Stop by the store in downtown Bellville and see for yourself! Our store carries several brands, types, and makes of feed solutions. Meaning, that you can expect to see what you need when you shop with us.