Agricultural & Livestock Supply in Ohio

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At Elzy Milling & Trade, we view your animal companions, from mewing kittens to clucking hens and prancing horses, as part of our extended family. Our friendly band of helpers is always on hand to whisk you off your feet and guide you to exactly what your animal companions crave.

If you find yourself wandering for quality animal support products in the enchanted lands of Mount Vernon, Ohio, and beyond, allow Elzy Milling & Trade to be your guiding star. Just give us a shout, and we'll reveal how we can become partners in your journey to farm and garden bliss. For more tales of our animal feed solutions, do skip over to our Feed Solutions page. Let's journey together to keep your animals hale and hearty, your farm a bustling paradise, and your garden a flourishing fantasia.

Welcome, welcome, to the marvelous world of Elzy Milling & Trade, a treasure trove of garden and farm delights! Just a hop, skip and a jump from Fredericktown, Ohio, our little shop dances to the tune of nature's bounty, offering a cornucopia of garden supplies for sale, in a fantastical show akin to the whirling waltz of summer fireflies.

You see, at Elzy Mill, we believe in the magic of wellness, turning simple wellness supplements, dewormers, wraps, salves and fly sprays from mundane objects into potent charms for the wellbeing of your fine-feathered or furry friends. Our enchanted garden and farm provisions, like high-potency farm fertilizers and evergreen fertilizers, sashay across the stage, set to ensure your lush green expanses put on a stellar performance season after season.

In addition, we stock all manners of clever contrivances, such as gates, gate hangers, waterers, heated buckets, and hay racks. And fancy this - we even carry potions and powders for those pesky bugs that plot to foil your pastoral peace.

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