About Our Mansfield Feed Store

About Elzy Milling - The Best Mansfield Feed Store!

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Established in 2011, Elzy Milling & Trade is the largest agricultural Mansfield feed store! So, we serve an eight-county area from our Bellville location. We also rank among the top retailers in pet supplies, grass seeds, bagged fertilizers, garden materials and more. Feed solutions are a very hot commodity in areas such as Lexington, Mansfield and Ontario. Because we are the largest livestock feed manufacturer in North Central Ohio, we are able to serve anyone who needs help with their farm. We do this to ensure our customers that there is no better option for all your mills supply needs in Ohio. We are proud to be Ohio’s choice in feed stores!

Other agricultural services and products are also a specialty we have. Do you have a weed or algae problem in your pond? We’ve got you covered. All your live stock and equine needs are covered by Elzy as well. Also, our Mansfield feed store has everything from gates, gate hangars, and waterers to heated buckets, hay racks, we have it all. Your animal’s health and wellness are important to us here at Elzy Milling & Trade. Our wide variety of animal support products are why so many of our customers choose us over big box stores. We have the big store quality and quantity, but the small business atmosphere and feeling. Our feed supply mills truly have everything a nature lover could ask for.

We Have It All!

To continue fostering the growth of all our product lines, Elzy Milling & Trade has embarked on a massive expansion and restoration plan. Marked by the acquisition of neighboring facilities and the addition of services such as bulk feed delivery. Also, most visible is the newly redesigned 2,400 sq. ft. retail space, showcasing our range of products and serving as a hub for customer assistance and local information.

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Our employees are all knowledgeable and put customer service first. Friendly faces and a positive attitude are must-haves. We believe you’ll find all of our employees have those qualities in spades. So, as a courtesy, we even load your car for you!

Where a blend of new and old meet… Elzy Milling & Trade is your source for home products & farm supplies. Also, come check out our livestock feed supply options in Mansfield, Ohio area today!