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Our Unique Feed Mill

When making a privy selection for a trustworthy provider for your feed and milling requirements, the process calls for discernable decision-making centered around unrivaled quality. Echoing this sentiment, Elzy Milling & Trade, an eminent mill in Ohio, is geared to supply top-tier products, services, and milling supplies.

We pride ourselves on being one of the leading Ohio mills, firmly dedicated to providing precise milling solutions to our customers.

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Elzy Milling & Trade is not just a business; we’re a community bonded by a shared love for agriculture. For this reason, we greatly value our customers’ experiences with our brand. If our services have positively influenced your agricultural endeavors, we’d be thrilled to hear about it.

We invite you to leave a review. Let the agricultural community in Ohio and beyond know about the quality and efficiency that underpin the exceptional services at Elzy Milling & Trade, your trusted partner in optimal farming success.

Where To Find Elzy Milling, Ohio's Premiere Feed Store!

Our location is in the heart of Bellville, Ohio! We’re only a quick drive away from Ontario, Lexington, Mansfield, and other major towns in Ohio. 

So, come check out our milling supplies and more!

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